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James F. Ballew - About Journey to More James F. Ballew
President/CEO Covenant Services Group LLC

Through our evolving relationship over all of these years, the opportunity to watch and experience Lee's walk in every possible situation, challenge, and testprovided me with a unique window into his thoughts, motivations and growing passion for more of Him. Experiencing life together, as we have done for many years, provides no cover to hide from the inner realities of the true drivers of our lives this side of glory.

When Lee first told me of his idea to create Journey to More and develop the curriculum for mentoring sessions built around the Two Greatest Commandments and Developing Intimacy With Christ, I was all-in and eagerly volunteered to participate for the first class. As the Lord would have it, I participated in the first two classes as student and admiring friend.

The topic of developing an intimate relationship with Christ has gained popularity in recent years and I thank our Heavenly Father for that. This original study guide will provide you with a map for discovering your way to the heart of Christ and practicing His presence in a way your spirit may have longed for years to experience. I encourage you to examine Journey to More and begin experiencing Him&as never before.

Socrates said, The unexamined life is not worth living. Your examined walk with Christ IS living!

James F. Ballew

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• Solomon considers those that don't forgive, "fools", and calls the forgiver, "blessed". Prov. 12:16; Mt. 5:11


• Lord, I give thanks for Your grace, patience, greatness, goodness, and Your love, and I now pause to draw near to enjoy Your Presence.


• The way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what He does for us, not by what we are and what we do for Him. Rom.12:3 The Message


• On our 2013 journey, filled with a myriad of uncertainties, we're in desperate need of more off ramps that dead-end at the Feet of Jesus!