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Patti Shaffer - About Journey to More Patti Shaffer
Teacher, flight attendant, wife and mother in Celebration, FL.

Sitting in a hospital cafeteria several years ago, I had a divine appointment with my brother. My life had been turned upside down and 24/7 of my time was occupied with praying and begging God to allow my husband to survive a horrible motorcycle accident.

Lee, our friend Barbara, and I were eating in that sterile room and my brother started barraging me with annoying questions. Annoying because my mind was a million miles away, and because the questions were rhetorical. But he kept on...

Patsy, he asked, Do you think Jesus is in this room? Lee knew that I knew He was. Do you think He is right here at this table?

Do you think He can hear our conversation?

Have you acknowledged or spoken to Him since we sat down?

(I had said the blessing for the food, so I could say Yes to that one too.)

He got up from the table, pulled up a fourth chair, and said, Why dont we just include Him in our conversation? It seemed kinda strange at first, but quite natural for Lee. When we would refer to Jesus sitting in that chair, it was so clear to me what His opinion was on everything we discussed. After all, He left us a whole book of His wisdom. When the thought came of discussing someone else, Oh, I dont want to do that  JESUS is sitting here. I loved it!

He is always here. Its just that I didnt always make room for Him. From that day forward, I began my PCP (Practicing Christs Presence). It has changed my life. He sits next to me in the car ... sits in the baby seat in the grocery cart ... rides on the jump seat in the planeI work as a flight attendantand has a special chair reserved for Him in my Jesus room. It just took some practice.

My journey to More became real as familiarity and intimacy deepened with my Savior.

I have watched Lee, up close and personal, as hes gone through dark valleys and high mountaintops. He has always been a student of Gods Word with a wealth of Bible knowledge. But now, with the TGC model, He has a love for Jesus that is contagious, and a desire to love others that is humbling. He is my mentor and my hero.

This manual is the best resource I have ever encountered to take you step by step on a journey to know Christ and make Him known. Your life will never be the same as you journey to MORE!

Patti Shaffer

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• Solomon considers those that don't forgive, "fools", and calls the forgiver, "blessed". Prov. 12:16; Mt. 5:11


• Lord, I give thanks for Your grace, patience, greatness, goodness, and Your love, and I now pause to draw near to enjoy Your Presence.


• The way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what He does for us, not by what we are and what we do for Him. Rom.12:3 The Message


• On our 2013 journey, filled with a myriad of uncertainties, we're in desperate need of more off ramps that dead-end at the Feet of Jesus!