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Steve Brown - About Journey to More Steve Brown
President and teacher on Key Life, a syndicated Christian radio program, and author of many books ;Professor at Reformed Seminary/Orlando

Augustine said that God created us for himself and that our hearts are restless without him. I might add that our hearts are also restless without the intimate and profound fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Every Christian knows that restlessness and the desire to love and be loved by God and others. Our problem is that our desires outstrip our ability and knowledge. Now there is an amazing and complete solution and its this book and this ministry.

Journey to More is a wonderful gift to the church and to all of us who know there is more but dont know how to get there. I rise up and call Lee Stanford and his colleagues blessed!

Steve Brown

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Journey to More is now available in Kindle format at amazon.com for only $2.99.

• Solomon considers those that don't forgive, "fools", and calls the forgiver, "blessed". Prov. 12:16; Mt. 5:11


• Lord, I give thanks for Your grace, patience, greatness, goodness, and Your love, and I now pause to draw near to enjoy Your Presence.


• The way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what He does for us, not by what we are and what we do for Him. Rom.12:3 The Message


• On our 2013 journey, filled with a myriad of uncertainties, we're in desperate need of more off ramps that dead-end at the Feet of Jesus!